Pre-Design Definition and Analysis (Project Management Phase I)
  • Total Project Requirements Mapping
  • Project Options Definition (Frugal, Moderate and Extravagant Alternatives)
  • Target Schedule and Target Budget Creation
  • Preliminary Value Engineering Review
  • Risk/Contingency Analysis
  • Special Insight and Practical Conclusions Reporting
  • Project Delivery Criteria Evaluation
  • Project Delivery Guidelines and Scopes
Design Management
  • Project Design Team Pre-Qualification
  • Evaluation and Selection of Official Design Team
  • Criteria Verification and Control of "Follow-Up" Issues
  • Constructibility Verification
  • Design to Cost Budget Continuous Control
  • Construction Project Manual Review
  • Redundant Systems Evaluation
  • Final Value Engineering Review
  • Scheduling
  • Cost Estimating
Contractor Procurement/Construction Contract Award
  • Pre-Qualification of Contractors
  • Information and Document Flow Control
  • Pre-Bid Conference Management
  • Bid Evaluation/Contract Procedure Award Coordination
  • Management of Negotiated Contracting Procedures
  • Scope Definition for Design/Build Contracting
Construction Process
  • Pre-Construction Conference Management
  • Field Monitoring and Reporting
  • Overall Construction Quality Control Coordination
  • Information and Document Flow Control
  • Meeting Agenda Verification and Control of "Follow-Up" Issues
  • Cashflow, Cost and Schedule Management
  • Special Testing and Inspection Control
  • Contingency Issue Management
  • Project "Close-Out" Management
Occupancy & Start-Up
  • Operation & Maintenance Procedure Coordination
  • Warranty Period Deficiency Correction Management
  • Replacement Reserve Budget Analysis
Completed Facility Condition & Deficiency Analysis
  • Physical Plant Investigation and Evaluation
  • Forensic Consulting
  • Strategy Recommendations for Mediation, Arbitration or Litigation Proceedings
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