Francis John Driscoll, president and founder of LIFE, INC., is a Professional Engineer, who has managed total construction projects of all sizes during his 30-year professional career. The "hands-on" experience includes most facets of architectural and engineering design, land purchases, construction contracts, zoning, environmental agreements, "owner-contractor-design, professional negotiations, construction-manager-subprime-suppliers" negotiations, and cost estimating for budget, contract, construction, and expert opinions.

His early involvement in the Navy as a Public Works officer, SEABEE Combat Engineer, Officer in Charge of Construction, and Staff Civil Engineer, provided a broad base for his acquisition of management skills in the governmental, private industry, and international arena. His association for 13 years with an international design firm expanded that base by involving him in specific building projects, from "conception" through "beneficial occupancy" including "start up" and "operations".

Typical of Mr. Driscoll's project experience are the management of contract administration and construction inspection of numerous heavy highway, major utility and airfield paving contracts. Also, industrial facilities related to shipbuilding, automotive assembly, various manufacturing processes, bulk and container cargo handling, and waste water treatment. Over the last ten years, he has been involved in research, testing, evaluation and expert reports on envelope and roofing failures on numerous high-rise building both residential and commercial.

In addition, he has participated in research and marketing efforts on behalf of design professionals, owners, and various civic organizations. This experience has given him the ability to successfully guide difficult projects through the maze of complex governmental regulations, individual pressure groups, planning and scheduling requirements, as well as actual "constructibility" problems.

His broad-based background in all construction trades, most professional occupations, and professional disciplines have resulted in requests from various owners and members of the construction team industry to act as mediator, arbitrator, and expert, to solve numerous design, construction and contractual problems, disputes, and technical failures.

Mr. Driscoll is knowledgeable in most modern scheduling techniques, and has kept current on CPM, Modified CPM, Progress Curves Matrix Schedules, Resource Planning Mechanisms, Project Management Systems, Total Quality Management Fundamentals and Team Building Facilitation.

Mr. Driscoll's firm has provided peer reviews, constructibility reviews, cost estimating and scheduling for owners, architect and engineering firms and general contractors.

Mr. Driscoll continues to keep a continuing expansion of his background and experience by participating in numerous technical, professional, academic, business, and civic organizations.

Professional Affiliations
  • National Society of Professional Engineers
  • Virginia Society of Professional Engineers
  • Society of Professional Military Engineers
  • Engineers Club of Hampton Roads
  • Construction Management Association of America
  • American Concrete Institute
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
      Editorial Board for the Performance of Constructed Facilities Journal
  • Old Dominion University
      Adjunct Facility
        Course Title: Theory of Construction, Materials and Processes
  • Tidewater Community College
      Adjunct Facility
        Course Titles: Site Planning; Construction Management
Military Affiliation
  • United States Naval Reserve
      Navy Civil Engineer Corps
        Captain (SEABEES) Retired

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