The best construction projects are the result of the combined efforts of several parties. Owners, Designers, LIFE INC., Legal Advisors, Financial Advisors, Financial Institutions, Bonding Companies, Title Companies, General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Fabricators and Suppliers are some of these parties. But no matter how many individual parties are involved, every project includes the "need" or "user role", the "planning role" and the "building role". Each party involved participates in the process of enabling a "dream with a deadline" to become a "reality". The experienced staff of LIFE INC. has represented many clients, providing a variety of consulting services.
Pre-Design Definition and Analysis
  • Peck Equipment Company
      Waterfront Property Utilization Study
  • The S.T.O.P Organization
      Health Care Feasibility Analysis
  • City of Richmond Police Training Academy
      Project Schedule and Budget Preparation
  • Hofheimer, Nusbaum, McPhaul, Attorneys
      Headquarters Office Alternatives Analysis
  • U.S. Navy
      Automated Air Cargo Terminal Scope Mapping
  • Volvo-AB Sweden
      U.S. Automobile Manufacturing Facility
  • Worthington Pump/Dresser Industries
      Manufacturing facility Expansion Mapping
  • Atlantic Yacht Basin Repair Facility
      Master Planning and Permitting
Design Management
  • Archers Walk Condominiums
  • City of Chesapeake
      Jubilee Site Improvements 1985-1987
  • Suffolk Community Center
  • Chesapeake City Jail Addition
  • Braywood Manor Exterior Retrofits
  • City of Chesapeake 1994 Road Bond Referendum
      (6 Projects)
  • NRHA Oakmont North Apartments
Contractor Procurement/Construction Contract Award
  • Volvo North America Corporation
      Post Product Facility
  • Epworth United Methodist Church
      Registered Historic Landmark Renovation
  • Jerome Golub Realtors
      Shopping Center Expansion
  • Proctor and Gamble Corporation
      Industrial Plant Expansion
  • Whittaker Corporation
      Yacht Manufacturing Facility
  • Virginia International Terminals
      Container Operations Improvements
  • Suffolk Community Center
  • City of Chesapeake 1994 Road Bond Referendum
Construction Process
  • Portsmouth Redevelopment Housing Authority
      Southside Gardens Apartments
  • Home Federal Savings Bank
  • Diversion Plus Mall
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
      Title II Construction Inspection Services
  • General Services Administration
      Old Post Office Renovation Inspection
  • American Custom Builders
      Portable Building Inspection
  • UK Development Corporation
      Waterfront Condominium Management
  • Anderson and Padrick, Attorneys
      Condominiums Retrofit Monitoring and Reporting
  • Archers Walk Condominiums
  • Medium Security Prison #2
      Virginia Department of Corrections
  • Suffolk Community Center
  • City of Chesapeake 1994 Road Bond Referendum
Occupancy & Start-Up
  • Victor Management Company
      Hotel Operations Evaluation
  • UNUM Life Insurance Company
      Regional Shopping Centers (Project "Close-Out")
  • McNeil Properties, Inc.
      Apartment Condition Survey and Replacement reserve Analysis
  • Medium Security Prison #2
      Virginia Department of Corrections
Completed Facility Condition & Deficiency Analysis
  • Norfolk Naval Shipyard
      Facility Condition Survey
  • Crawford House Condominiums
      High-Rise Condominium Condition Survey
  • Algonquin House Condominiums
      High-Rise Condominium Deficiency Survey
  • S.P.S.A Transfer Station #1
      Facility Condition & Deficiency Survey
  • Turner Construction Company
      High-Rise Condominium Deficiency Analysis
  • Hewitt Construction Company
      H.U.D. Apartment Dispute Arbitration
  • Virginia Beach Public Schools
      Senior High School Dispute Litigation
  • Various Private Custom Residence Water Infiltration Investigations
Arbitration, Mediation & Litigation
  • Turner Construction Company
      3556 Shore Drive High Rise Condominium -- Virginia Beach, VA
  • Transco Corporation
  • Transco Development
      Beach Quarters Condominium -- Margate, N.S.
  • Turner Construction Company
      Ritz Carlton Hotel Amelia Island, FLA.
  • Suburban Grading & Utilities
      Norfolk Raw Water Line -- Chesapeake, VA

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